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Sarah Fontana

Michigan Box Company
Sarah Fontant

Sarah Fontana

Michigan Box Company


Sarah Fontana never thought she would end up working for her family business. After graduating from Michigan State University as a graphics design major, Sarah ventured into the industry with a love for art and eventually found her niche. It wasn’t long before she started working various freelance jobs for big-name Detroit companies.

As satisfying as it was, Sarah felt as though something was missing, and realized that working a monotonous job was no longer in her repertoire. In order to branch out and fulfill the gaps of monotony, her father encouraged her to take a leap and interview at her family’s business, Michigan Box Company. Sarah is proud to have upheld a determined, devoted, and positive work ethic at Michigan Box for fifteen years.

The skills she acquired while working in graphic design has helped her optimize her roles as Account Manager and Sales Manager at Michigan Box. Using the creativity and mindset of a graphics designer, Sarah has helped her clients with packaging graphics, box layouts, and overall esthetics for the companies.

Michigan Box is about lending its expertise to fellow Metro Detroit businesses, and Sarah is passionate about helping those businesses develop packaging that highlight their identity. She loves the synergy of local companies working together.

Going forward, Sarah hopes to continue to build her team of sales representatives and achieving their goals. “I love working on making us better and enjoy being part of a changing and progressive company. “

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