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Gina D’Orazio Stryker

Founder & Recipe Artist, Gina Cucina
Gina Cucino

Gina D’Orazio Stryker

Founder & Recipe Artist, Gina Cucina


Coming from a long line of Italian chefs, she learned to cook at an early age and always knew that nourishing people was what she was meant to do. At 17 she said goodbye to her family and her small Idaho home town and headed off for culinary school in Italy.

She spent years honing her skills, using all of life’s opportunities to perfect her love infused meals.  Early on she created sauces and soups for a small basket business in Los Angeles, later, being a small town girl at heart, she married and moved to Carbondale, CO with her husband and twin boys. A second set of twins made their appearance, and she has been cooking for a crowd ever since!

Her husband, Rod Stryker is a renowned Yogi, has trained yoga instructors and run yoga retreats for decades. About 13 years ago, Gina started catering for them.  Gina Cucina is the culmination of cooking for 1000’s of yogis and 100’s of toddlers over the years.  Both sets are the most discerning of customers!

No matter how many places at the table, Gina has rules: start with LOVE, use only the freshest, local ingredients… season judiciously and let all the natural flavor shine through. Make her a part of your family dinner, and taste the love in every bite!

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