2016 Program | Subscription Summit
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2016 Program

Complimentary breakfast and lunch are included both days.

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Day 1
Sep 21 2016
8:00 am

Registration and Breakfast with Sponsors, Partners, and Speakers

Welcome to The Subscription Summit

Kick-off of the Subscription Summit and welcome from Summit Co-Founder Paul Chambers.

The State of Influencer Marketing

Whether you call it “Native Advertising,” “Content Marketing,” “Influencer Marketing,” or “Sponsored Posts,” the Sponsored Social category has redefined what Digital Word of Mouth – or perhaps, better called “Word of Mouse” — can...
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Ryan Schram

The Many Sides of Big Data

How does the proliferation of data impact your business? Do your privacy policies reflect your actual data collection practices? How do your vendors use and share your customer or employee...
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Kathy Ossian
Founder and CEO of Ossian Law, P.C.
10:40 am

Networking and Coffee Break

Keynote Address from Michael Broukhim, CEO of FabFitFun

Michael will share the FabFitFun story, including secrets to their success.
Michael Broukhim
Co-CEO, FabFitFun
12:00 pm

Lunch with Partners and Speakers

Making the Most of Your Blogger Relationships

Bloggers can be trusted, brand advocates that do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Forbes reported that 85% off the Fortune 500 all attribute blogging as critical to...
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Lauren Pfanmiller
Managing Director, Ignite OPM
Liz Cadman
Founder, My Subscription Addiction

3 Things You Need to Know About Subscription Chargebacks

Subscription chargeback rates are 3 to 5 times higher than regular eCommerce chargeback rates. We will detail why this is, what you can do about it and how you can...
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Suresh Dakshina
Co‐Founder, Chargeback Gurus
2:20 pm

Snack and Coffee Break

Leveraging Influencer Content to Drive Signup’s and Sales

Learn from industry expert Cody Liebman of Revfluence on how to make the most of your influencer relationships and how you just might be thinking about influencer marketing wrong. Hear some...
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Cody Liebman
Director of Sales, Revfluence

Fulfillment: In-House or Out-Sourced?

In this session, we’ll hear arguments from both sides of the coin. Jeff McMann will take the side of out-sourcing. Yosef will take the other side and argue for in-house fulfillment....
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Fulfillment: In-House or Out-Sourced?Jeff McMann
Director of New Business Development, Thill Inc.

If you’re not pissing off a few people, you’re probably not exciting anybody either.

In the rush for likes, fans and followers, we are afraid to offend anyone. We play it safe. We want to be “well liked”. Trouble is, all the likes, fans...
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Charlie Wollborg
Co-Founder, Moka Boka
5:00 pm

End of Sessions

VIP Event

Registered VIP attendees, speakers, and sponsors, join us for drinks and light bites at the bar on the first floor and network with others.
Day 2
Sep 22 2016
8:00 am

Breakfast with Partners, Sponsors, and Speakers

Preference and Predictability: How e-Commerce Trends Impact Subscription Shipping

Your customers demand flexibility and expect consistency.  They want what they want, when they want it.  FedEx works with e-Commerce providers and their customers globally, and understands their unique needs...
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Rick Bartl
Managing Director, FedEx Product Management

Reducing Your Subscriber Churn

Customer service, email response times, product quality—even listening to your customers’ needs. All play a part in reducing churn. But it’s not just about reducing churn; it’s about driving loyalty.
Jason Levesque
CEO, Argo Marketing Group
Nadia Boujarwah
Co-founder & CEO, Dia&Co
Felicity Fromholz
Dir. of Product Development, Evolucity Commerce
10:20 am

Networking and Coffee Break

The Ins and Outs of International Shipping

Do you want to go worldwide? Already shipping internationally? Learn about tariffs in different countries, value thresholds, and how packaging can affect your shipment.
Brad Noble
VP, International Sales, DHL
Thomas Finnen
VP, eCommerce, APC Postal Logistics
Nick Agnetti
Asendia USA, Midwest Account Executive

Keynote Address from Katia Beauchamp, Co-Founder and CEO of Birchbox

It’s not an easy task to grow to be one of the largest subscription boxes in the world, but Birchbox has done it. Hear first hand from CEO Katia Beauchamp...
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Katia Beauchamp
Co-Founder and CEO, Birchbox
12:15 pm

Lunch with Partners and Speakers

How to Win at Paid Social Media Marketing

While working with industry leaders such as Uber and Supercell, the team at Ampush have led the industry in optimizing ad dollars. Learn some tricks of the trade and what an...
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Nick Shah
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Ampush

What Every Subscription Box Company Needs to Know

Think you know everything already? Bet you’re wrong. Some of these industry best practices may not be intuitive and require some forethought. Don’t miss this session!
Shilpa Kaji
Director of Operations, POPSUGAR Must Have
Bianca Jade
Founder, Mizzfit and Health & Wellness Influencer
Matt Fiedler
Founder, Vinyl Me, Please
2:40 pm

Snack and Coffee Break

Packaging with a Punch

Packaging. Learn why it’s critical to success. Representatives from Packlane and Michigan Box Company will share the in’s and out’s of what works and what doesn’t work in the world of...
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Shirene Chehrazi
Marketing Manager, Packlane
Sarah Fontana
Michigan Box Company

Big Dog, Little Dog: Biz Dev and Strategic Partnerships

Looking to partner with major companies but unsure how to approach them, especially when if you are significantly smaller than they are? Learn tips and best practices from a business...
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Louis Monoyudis
COO, Supply Pod from Outer Places
4:00 pm

End of Sessions

Day 3
May 31 2017

Fun Run/Walk

Brought to you by Barbella, FedEx, and Sock Club. Proceeds benefit Austin based STEM nonprofit.

Welcome Kick-Off

Program starts promptly at 9 AM.

The Rise of Subscription Boxes and the Consumers Behind Them

In this informative opener, we’ll take a look at the tremendous growth in the subscription box industry and it’s subsectors. John Fetto, a Senior Analyst and Hitwise will also provide...
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John Fetto
Senior Analyst, Hitwise

How to Work with Influencers & Affiliates to Drive New Subscribers

Social Influencers and Affiliates are valuable partners who can introduce your brand to their trusted audiences and drive ongoing new subscribers. We want to share our experience working with top...
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Kim Cupka
Marketing Manager, Kiwi Crate
Lauren Pfanmiller
Managing Director, Ignite OPM

Understanding Canadian consumer buying behavior and cross-border ecommerce opportunities

Marc will discuss cross-border ecommerce opportunities to Canada, one of the most world’s most mature ecommerce markets. In doing so, Marc will explore  consumer research as well as transactional data-based insights...
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Marc Smith
Director, Strategy & eCommerce Market Development, Canada Post
10:15 am

Coffee and Networking Break

The Perfect Box Formula

What’s the difference between a hit box and one that falls flat with subscribers? Using data collected from 1 million unique visitors a month, we’ll dig into the product rating...
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Liz Cadman
Founder, My Subscription Addiction

Social and the Art of the Influencer

Joel Beckett will talk through the nitty-gritty of what it takes to run a successful influencer marketing campaign on YouTube and other platforms. He’ll cover how to set your objectives...
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Joel Beckett
CEO and Founder, The Outloud Group
Bradley Hoos
Chief Growth Officer, The Outloud Group

From inspiration to reality: Lisa Sugar shares how to build your dream life, company and SubBox too

Lisa Sugar, the founder and president of POPSUGAR, is a new media pioneer and entrepreneur. She started POPSUGAR in her living room 10 years ago as a fun hobby, and...
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Lisa Sugar
Founder and President, POPSUGAR
12:00 pm


Change: The Only Constant in Today’s Marketplace

In the ever-evolving market place, change is the only constant. Dan Mullally will share his personal experience with managing change, how FedEx responds to customer expectations in e-Commerce and trends...
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Daniel J. Mullally
Senior Vice President, Sales, FedEx Services

Conscious Consumerism

Nielsen reports that in 2015, brands with a commitment to sustainability grew 3x faster than those without. Conscious consumerism is a trend led by millennials, and many of those same...
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Shivika Sinha
Founder & CEO, The Veneka Group

A Fireside Chat with Facebook

Are you fully tapping into the potential that is Facebook to generate sustainable growth? Yes Facebook is an important resource to fueling customer acquisition, but there is more to the...
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Jeremy Lewis
US Head of Industry eCommerce, Facebook
Dave Palmer
Founder & CEO, Stealth Venture Labs

Data-Driven Discovery

In 5 years of operating Bulu Box, we’ve come to understand the subscription commerce customer. In 2016, we even began creating Turnkey Subscription Box Solutions for clients which include Fortune...
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Paul Jarrett
Co-Founder/CEO, Bulu Box 🔁📦🏆
2:45 pm

Networking Break

Customer Schmustomer

Today’s consumers are smarter and more savvy than ever. They demand an experience. They desire a relationship. Give them all the love you have and they’ll give you all the...
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Bryan DeLuca
CEO, Foot Cardigan

Art of a Memorable Customer Experience

The treasured gift is broken. The lotion leaked. The box NEVER arrived. The customer is not happy! What do you do? Send a replacement? Or blow them away with extra...
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Christopher George
Co-founder/CEO, Gentleman's Box
Caitlin Logan
Director of Customer Experience, FabFitFun
Deena Bronz
Co-Founder, KitNipBox
Ella Ozery
Founder & CEO, BarBella Box

Experience Matters

Reducing churn and increasing brand loyalty are paramount to a sound SubBox business model. Matthew Arevalo will discuss how LootCrate is building community to drive user generated brand ownership. He will also highlight...
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Matthew Arevalo
Co-Founder/Chief Experience Officer, Loot Crate
Michelle Lange
Co-Founder, SUBTA & BoxitStudio

CUBE Awards

The 1st ever CUBE Awards by SUBTA, will annually showcase the best in class performers within Subscription Commerce. Industry leaders will be recognized in categories including Best Box Design, Best...
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8:00 pm

VIP Reception

Day 4
Jun 01 2017

Power Yoga with Leah Cullis

In this soulful, energetic yoga practice you will tap into your creative energy, awaken your intuition and spark motivation. Journey through a powerful yoga flow, and open to new possibilities in...
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Leah Cullis
Yoga Teacher, Leah Cullis Yoga

Welcome Back

The day kicks off promptly at 9 AM.

Brock’s Top 10 Tips for Acquiring New Customers – The Deal Edition

Having personally worked with over 100 subscription companies, Brock shares his Top 10 Tips for using ‘deals’ to acquire more and higher value customers. Curious? Let’s start with #3: Offer...
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Brock Milligan
Business Development Director, Groupon

E-Commerce Cyber Security – Where Anyone Can Access Your Business

A hacking demo that you won’t want to miss! Online thieves are organized, armed and after your most prized commodity – your data. They don’t mind if your business is...
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Terry Ray
Chief Product Strategist, Imperva Inc.
10:20 am

Coffee and Networking Break

Lessons from Veterans of the Subscription Economy

Explore the challenges that some subscription box companies face along the way, how they overcame them, and their lessons learned.
Michelle Lange
Co-Founder, SUBTA & BoxitStudio
Gina D’Orazio Stryker
Founder & Recipe Artist, Gina Cucina
Corey Newhouse
Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, AmazingClubs.com
Amir Elaguizy
CEO, Cratejoy

What it Takes for Continued Success in the Subscription Economy

A recent study revealed that Subscription businesses grew revenues 9 times faster than S&P 500 company revenues, and 4 times faster than US retail sales over 15 consecutive quarters. As entrepreneurs...
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Monika Saha
GM Finance Product Line, Zuora
12:00 pm

Lunch Break

Mobile Commerce That Works

Mobile revenues continues to grow and will surpass traditional ecommerce sales at a significant number of SubBox companies. However not all mobile experiences are seamless and companies are losing potential...
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Kaushik Subramanian
Head of Business Development and Partnerships, Amazon Pay

Loot Crate – Operations & Logistics Innovation

Today’s consumers expect a higher level of convenience and lightening quick delivery. Are you prepared to fully meet this demand while balancing costs and efficiency? Learn more about implementing adaptive...
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David Morris
Senior VP of Brand & Operations, Loot Crate
Nick Shah
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Ampush

The Big 4 of Sub-Comm: Focusing on the KPI’s that Actually Move the Needle

In a world of endless metrics, the Stealth Venture Labs Founders will have a candid conversation about how to separate the noise from the signal and help your subscription box...
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Dave Palmer
Founder & CEO, Stealth Venture Labs
Brent Freeman
Founder & President, Stealth Venture Labs
2:30 pm

Coffee and Networking Break

What’s in the Box? Se7en Crazy Marketing Ideas for the Subscription Industry

Charlie’s back at SubSummit again this year to help you fire up your brand’s innovation engine and standing out in a crowded marketplace. He’ll share more effective promotions to help...
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Charlie Wollborg
Co-Founder, Moka Boka

Stack up the Boxes

With so many boxes being shipped globally, where do all the spare and empty boxes go? This panel explores possible alternatives to the box and eco-friendly shipping solutions.
Adam Harris
Director of Business Development, Packlane
Liza Moiseeva
Co-Founder & Director of Marketing, GlobeIn
Mary Anne Hansan
President, The Paper & Packaging Board

Pivots that Work

A candid discussion with box companies’ founders who have pivoted – with success. Pivots can be complete changes in direction or a new path to growth and profitability. Learn how...
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Dane Jensen
Founder, Sock Club
Noah Lee
Co-founder, Sock Club
3:55 pm

Wrap Up and Out